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OFFSOCIETY Inc. Art Consulting and Architectural Planning
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Contemporary Art + Architecture

OFFSOCIETY Inc. is the consulting and planning firm specialized in Architectural Design and Contemporary Art fields. To realize various cultural projects such as art museum, cultural complex building for art / design and city development project by using Art / Design, we provide comprehensive services such as project planning, art / design supervision, business planning, marketing strategy and project management. By leveraging our specialized talents in Art and Design, we bring out the maximum potential of each project and do everything possible to lead it to success.

Preferences in Art or Design vary greatly from person to person, which leads many to think that there are no clear measures of the value of Art or Design. However, excellent artworks or design works stimulate people and have the power to motivate them to action. We think that superior artworks and designs capable of impelling people and even whole societies to action are always those that contain a "Something New" that had not previously existed in society. Through repeated exploration and pursuit of that which is truly excellent - not just attractive on the surface - with sufficient grasp of the background and characteristics that differ from project to project, we believe superb artworks or designs that have that "Something New" can be created.

Our company name "OFFSOCIETY" refers to our approach of viewing societal trends from a position slightly removed from society, rather than completely exterior to it or right in the middle of it. We cannot produce great projects that inspire people if we remain captive to the preconceived notions in society or in our own selves. We believe the launch pad for creating something new with the power to impress society is to view and consider what that society and the local area truly need, from a pure and unfettered perspective.

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